Alex Tinker Joins Resource Innovation Institute as Founding Board Member

Tonkon Torp attorney Alex Tinker is a founding board member for the newly formed Resource Innovation Institute (RII). The RII is building the central platform for collaboration on energy issues in the cannabis industry and developing a market-driven certification standard to propel adoption of energy efficient practices.

A member of Tonkon Torp’s Litigation Department, Tinker represents and advocates for companies on a broad range of business matters, including companies and individuals participating in and serving the cannabis industry.

Tinker brings five years of nonprofit and public sector experience advocating for clean energy and energy efficiency to the RII. Prior to joining Tonkon Torp in 2014, Tinker coordinated dozens of clean energy policy town halls with members of Congress nationwide, and helped craft and pass state legislation to finance energy efficiency retrofits in public buildings.

Tonkon Torp recently hosted the RII’s Indoor Agriculture Energy Summit, a half-day conference on best practices for energy use and conservation in cannabis production.

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