IP Attorneys Host Briefing to Help Companies Navigate Social Media and Website Pitfalls

Attorneys from Tonkon Torp’s Intellectual Property Practice Group hosted a breakfast briefing on September 27 to help companies identify and navigate the legal pitfalls that litter the social media and website marketing landscape.

Attorneys Chris Erickson, Parna Mehrbani, and Steven Wilker presented five scenarios that any company with an online presence could encounter. They pulled apart each scenario to uncover the legal issues that catch companies unaware, and shared best practices that can be implemented proactively to reduce the risk of liability and protect IP assets. The scenarios included the use of blogs and social media platforms, using third party content, contests, comparative advertising, and working with social media influencers.

Tonkon Torp’s Intellectual Property Practice Group helps clients protect and leverage intellectual property assets at all stages of growth. The firm’s IP lawyers are skilled in the law of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents, and they enjoy helping clients develop, protect, and strategically exploit those assets.