Tonkon Torp Guides Unique Renewable Energy Project Through Key Phases

An exciting new phase for the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility, Oregon’s one-of-a-kind renewable energy project, is underway in Eastern Oregon’s Morrow and Umatilla Counties. PGE recently announced it has purchased an ownership stake in the facility, which is the nation’s first major renewable energy facility that will integrate wind and solar generation with battery storage in one location.

Tonkon Torp has worked on the project at key stages throughout its lifespan. Led by David Petersen, the firm first helped the original developer obtain land rights and evaluate title issues. In 2013, the developer and Tonkon Torp began a four-year process to secure the project’s site certificate from the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council. The permitting process culminated in approval of the site certificate upon a grant of summary judgment, another first of its kind in Oregon.

The state's approval cleared the way for construction and the project was sold to NextEra in 2017. Subsequently, Caroline Harris Crowne represented NextEra in regulatory proceedings concerning the project before the Public Utility Commission of Oregon, which were concluded favorably.

The firm is proud of its part in writing this new chapter in Oregon’s renewable energy efforts.

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