Dan Skerritt Helps Companies Find Common Ground Through Mediation

For the past ten years, Daniel Skerritt has complemented a highly successful litigation practice with a mediation practice. Dan brings four decades of trial experience to this role as an impartial third-party to help businesses of all sizes resolve complex business disputes in a confidential setting.

As a trial attorney, Dan has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of complex litigation ranging from corporate governance disputes, derivative and class action claims, investor claims, antitrust, energy, professional malpractice (legal and accounting), trade secret, noncompete and other employment disputes. This experience, and empathy for both the participants and their attorneys, makes him ideally suited to navigate the complex business disputes that benefit the most from mediation.

Dan has handled disputes involving transition of company control to second or third generation members of family businesses; investor claims against issuers of securities; employment disputes; buyer claims against sellers of businesses; personal injury claims; and product liability claims.

Known for settling cases in which the starting gap between the parties made settlement seem like an impossible goal, Dan is frequently sought out by lawyers familiar with his experience working with multi-party mediations, his familiarity with the role of insurers in settling disputes, and his record of success.


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