Alex Tinker Presents at TiE Oregon Guide to Intersection of Health, Tech, and Cannabis

On October 2, Alex Tinker was a featured speaker at the Guide to the Intersection of Health, Tech & Cannabis seminar hosted by TiE Oregon. He focused on the cannabis industry’s complex transition as it becomes regulated at the state level while still largely prohibited at the federal level. After a brief review of the history of cannabis prohibition and emerging regulation, Alex covered the potentially expansive impact of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made low-THC cannabis legal at the federal level and unlocked a market for CBD (cannabidiol) and other non-THC cannabinoid-based products. He unraveled questions raised by the proliferation of CBD products into the health and wellness market, touching on current state and federal regulation including limitations imposed by the FDA and the Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Act. Alex ended his talk with a look forward at how the cannabinoid-based product market could expand depending on the results of the FDA’s evaluation of the safety of cannabinoid-based products; he also discussed the potential for exceptions to current restrictions on CBD in food and dietary supplement products.

Alex is Chair of Tonkon Torp's Cannabis Industry Practice Group. He represents individuals and companies doing business in the cannabis industry, and advises clients on cannabis laws, regulations, and other cannabis-specific legal issues. Alex’s business litigation practice includes helping clients resolve business disputes in and out of court. He represents individuals and companies on a variety of claims, including contract disputes, business owner disputes, and business torts.

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