Aug 22, 2016
Noted Business Attorney Brenda Meltebeke Joins Tonkon Torp
Aug 16, 2016
Six Tonkon Torp Attorneys Named Portland Lawyers of the Year
Aug 15, 2016
Best Lawyers in America® Names 44 Tonkon Torp Attorneys to 2017 List
Aug 11, 2016
Eric Beach Shares IP Strategies with Startups
Aug 09, 2016
Tonkon Talk Covers Employment Law Ground
Aug 03, 2016
Jeanette Schuster Examines Whittaker Corp. v. United States for Oregon State Bar Publication
Aug 01, 2016
Jackson Lewis Joins Terwilliger Plaza Foundation Board of Directors
Jul 29, 2016
Michael Mangan Covers Economic Obsolescence at National Conference
Jul 28, 2016
Sherrill Corbett Discusses Corporate Board Trends for Oregon Business
Jul 27, 2016
Sarah Einowski Joins Oregon ACLU Lawyers' Committee
Jul 22, 2016
Jeff Cronn Discusses Succession Planning for Thought Leader Forum
Jul 20, 2016
Wanted: Trial Opportunities for Young Lawyers
Jul 15, 2016
What Oregon Businesses Should Know About the CEO Water Mandate
Jul 14, 2016
Caroline Harris Crowne Receives City Club Research Award
Jul 13, 2016
Clay Creps and Haley Morrison Provide L&E Insight to Portland Employers
Jul 11, 2016
28 Tonkon Torp Attorneys Honored on 2016 Super Lawyers Lists
Jul 08, 2016
Drew Hagedorn Appointed to Friends of Baseball Board
Jul 06, 2016
LaMorticella Elected Chair of AILA Oregon Chapter
Jul 05, 2016
Haley Morrison Reviews Increased Salary Requirements for ACC Newsletter
Jun 23, 2016
Christopher Pallanch Leads Talk on e-Discovery at OADC Annual Meeting
Jun 22, 2016
Michael Millender Leads Roundtable on Contract Management Systems
Jun 21, 2016
Tonkon Torp Client ThinkShout Wins a Webby
Jun 20, 2016
Frank Weiss and Jeff Cronn Lead OSB Program on Indemnity Provisions & Principles
Jun 17, 2016
BOLI Issues Rules Regarding Minimum Wage Increase
Jun 16, 2016
Makers Meet to Talk Business Law Basics
Sep 07, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Business Contracts 102 for Startups
Aug 03, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Employment Law Q&A
Jun 01, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Business Law 101 for Makers
May 12, 2016
2016 Labor & Employment Law Seminar
May 04, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Shaking the Tree: Capital-Raising Strategies for 2016
Apr 14, 2016
Tonkon Torp 2016 Litigation Department Spring Party
Apr 06, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Website Law for Start-Ups
Mar 16, 2016
To Be or Not to Be an Equity Crowdfunding Portal?
Mar 02, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Employee Handbooks for Start-Ups
Feb 04, 2016
A Women's Party in the Pearl!
Feb 03, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Business Contracts 101 for Start-ups
Jan 29, 2016
H-1B Cap Breakfast Briefing
Jan 06, 2016
Tonkon Talks - Dispute Resolution for Start-ups
Dec 02, 2015
"Pot in the Pearl" - A Tonkon Talk on the Legal Realities of Cannabusiness
Nov 04, 2015
Tonkon Talks - Employment Law for Start-Ups
Oct 21, 2015
Environmental and Natural Resources Party
Oct 07, 2015
Tonkon Talks - Securities Issues for Startups
Sep 25, 2015
Immigration Recordkeeping Breakfast Briefing
Sep 02, 2015
Tonkon Talks - Special Topics in Startup IP
Jul 01, 2015
Tonkon Talks - Funding! Cap Tables! Valuation! Oh my!
May 21, 2015
Labor & Employment Law Seminar
Apr 02, 2015
Tonkon Torp Litigation Department Spring Party
Nov 05, 2014
Buying or Selling a Website, Part 3 of our 3-Part Series on the Lifecycle of a Website
Oct 30, 2014
Dos and Don'ts for M&A Brokers
Oct 16, 2014
Environmental and Natural Resources Party
Oct 14, 2014
Operating Your Website, Part 2 of our 3-Part Series on Website Law
Sep 30, 2014
I Have an Idea! Now What?
Sep 16, 2014
Developing Your Website, Part 1 of our 3-Part Series on Website Law
Jun 11, 2014
Crowdfunding- Where Are We Now? Part 3 of our "Show Me the Money!" Program for Start-Ups and...
Jun 05, 2014
Mix and Mingle with Environmental Consultant and Commercial Real Estate Broker Colleagues
May 28, 2014
Tax Breakfast Briefing - Choice of Entity in Oregon
May 21, 2014
Been There, Done That! Part 2 of our "Show Me the Money!" Programs for Start-Ups and Business...
May 15, 2014
Labor & Employment Seminar
Why Tonkon?
Community Profiles

Staying the Course in the Mississippi Avenue Loft Project

In April 2016, Tonkon Torp concluded a complex, six-year real estate transaction for longtime client Jim Winkler. The process to acquire, complete, and sell the Mississippi Avenue Lofts project involved a broad range of legal transactions, including a funding round, multi-party loan and purchasing agreements, litigation, and a final sale. Mississippi Avenue Lofts is a mixed use project with high-end residential units and retail space that launched in 2007. Read more...

Why Tonkon?

The foundation of our business is long-term relationships with clients based on trust. Our clients tell us that there is a "Tonkon Experience" that is distinctive. It is an experience characterized by clients trusting that our lawyers will consistently follow certain principles and practices:
  • We will put our clients' interests first.
  • We will treat you and others with respect.
  • We will provide concise and useful advice.
Read More

Marathon Scholars

Following the 9/11 attacks, Tonkon Torp attorney Jeff Cronn and his friend and fellow lawyer, Dan Blaufus, brainstormed how to engage their peers and the broader community in an endeavor that would make a positive statement about the future. They determined to tackle the challenge of providing greater opportunity for low-income children to pursue and obtain higher education. Read more ...

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