The Tonkon Timeline


The Tonkon Torp Founders’ Lunch

1974 Founding Partners Program

The stage for what would become Tonkon Torp LLP was set during a 1974 lunch between Moe Tonkon, Frederick Torp, and Morris Galen, three of Portland’s top business attorneys. Moe and Morris had become partners in the 1960s. When they heard that Fred would be leaving what is now Stoel Rives, Morris told Moe, “Well, Moe, we have an empty office. If Fred needs a place to hang his hat, why don’t you mention it to him?” Over lunch, the three founders agreed to the organization of Tonkon Torp and Galen. Joining the nascent firm were Don Marmaduke, Brian Booth, Ken Stephens, Terry Baker, and a number of young associates who would largely remain at the firm for the rest of their career, advancing to partnership and becoming mentors to rising generations of attorneys.