Media Law Litigation & Advice
We represent broadcasters, newspapers, publishers and individual authors on media law issues. We have successfully litigated cases involving defamation and news gathering, as well as access to public records. Tonkon Torp lawyers have represented newspapers around the state, including The Oregonian, the Portland Business Journal, the East Oregonian Publishing Company, Eagle Newspapers and Lee Enterprises. We frequently advise on media law issues, including providing pre-publication and pre-broadcast review.

We also advise on and litigate issues regarding:
  • The applicability of media shield laws
  • Reporters' privileges
  • Prior restraints on publication
  • Responses to demands for retraction or correction
  • Cameras in courtrooms
  • Invasion of privacy
  • News gathering methods
  • Licensing
  • Copyright
  • Public records laws
  • Public meetings laws

Miller v. KOIN-TV

(Marion County Circuit Court) – Successfully defended KOIN-TV against claims that political advertising aired by the station was false and misleading.

Steven  Wilker
Practice Area Chair

Steven Wilker