Tonkon Torp Launches 50th Anniversary Firm Awards Program

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Tonkon Torp LLP has launched a new internal awards program in tribute to four of the firm’s historic leaders: founding partners Brian Booth, Don Marmaduke, and Moe Tonkon, and long-term Administrator Caroline Phillips. The program acknowledges and celebrates the Tonkon Torp values of community service, client service, and service to the firm, as well as recognizes those current attorneys and staff who embody these principles.

The Don Marmaduke Community Service Award, named in honor of founding partner Don Marmaduke, recognizes a lawyer who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to community service. Don’s unparalleled legal acumen, combined with a heart deeply rooted in justice and equality, has left a lasting imprint on the culture and values of Tonkon Torp. His notable pro bono contributions – particularly highlighted by his historic involvement with civil rights cases – paved the way for current and future legal practitioners to continue the battle for fairness and access to justice for all members of our community. Recipients of this award go above and beyond in their pro bono legal work, leadership within community boards, establishment of community nonprofits, and efforts in connecting community leaders. The Marmaduke Award celebrates those who utilize their legal expertise and broader network to make meaningful contributions and lasting change within our community. Real estate attorney Owen Blank is the 2024 winner of this relaunched award. Litigator Steven Wilker previously was honored with the award in 2019.

The Moe Tonkon Client Service Award is presented to a lawyer who provides exceptional client service. This tribute celebrates founding partner Moe Tonkon’s legacy, emphasizing the significance of fostering client relationships grounded in trust, respect, and a profound grasp of client needs. Moe Tonkon was a legal luminary whose contributions to both the legal field and the community at large remain unequaled. His most celebrated achievement was securing the Trail Blazer NBA franchise for Portland, forever altering the city’s sporting landscape. Moe Tonkon was revered not only for his formidable legal skills but also for his profound humanity, including a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering personal growth alongside professional success. Recipients of the Tonkon Award are recognized for their unwavering dedication to delivering quality, value-driven solutions that exceed client expectations. Business partner Ron Greenman is the 2024, inaugural recipient of this award.

The Caroline Phillips Firm Service Award honors Caroline Phillips’ significant contributions to Tonkon Torp. This award is given to individuals whose influence has left a lasting mark on the firm. Caroline epitomized exceptional service, becoming an indispensable asset from day one. She dedicated countless hours to firm administration, human resources, facilities, and marketing during a period of rapid growth at the firm. The Phillips Award recognizes those who lead by example, fostering a supportive and collegial environment, and contributing to the firm’s success and well-being.

The Brian Booth Legacy Award is a career achievement award for those whose contributions have profoundly impacted clients, the community, and the firm, inspiring future generations. Brian Booth, a legal and cultural luminary, set an extraordinary example through his tireless dedication to the preservation and celebration of Oregon’s natural and cultural heritage. An expert corporate and transactional lawyer, Booth not only represented many leading local companies – such as Nike during its initial public offering and beyond – but also deeply immersed himself in civic activism and the funding of public resources. The Booth Legacy Award is bestowed upon a lawyer whose life’s work has brought great credit to Tonkon Torp and made a lasting impact both inside and outside of the firm.

Through the Tonkon Torp Awards program, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence, service, and community. Each award serves as a reminder of our collective and individual capacity to make a difference through our work and actions. The awards will be presented on a continuing basis as the partnership identifies deserving recipients.

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