Tonkon Torp Congratulates Cleveland High School Constitutional Law Team

Tonkon Torp is thrilled to extend congratulations to the students on the Cleveland High School Constitutional Law Team for advancing to national level competition. After winning the Wild Card spot at the We the People Constitutional State Tournament on January 30, 2021, the Cleveland High team will represent Oregon along with Grant High School in the national finals organized by the Center for Civic Education. This is the first time the team will compete in the finals. Business Law partner Michael Millender is one of the Cleveland team coaches.

Tonkon Torp has a long history of working with Classroom Law programs administered by the Classroom Law Project. In addition to Michael, several Tonkon Torp attorneys contribute their time and knowledge to the Constitutional Law program. Steven Wilker is Board Chair of Classroom Law Project, which sponsors the Center for Civic Education program in Oregon. Bob Koch is a coach for the Franklin High School team, Caroline Harris Crowne and Mick Harris have served as guest judges for the Cleveland team, and Sarah Einowski has served as coach for the Jefferson High School Mock Trial program.

The national finals will be held April 23 through 26, 2021. Approximately one thousand students from forty-eight classes will participate in 648 half-hour zoom hearings. Learn more here.

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