Tonkon Torp Attorneys Present at May 2018 TiE Bootcamps

Through the efforts of Tonkon Torp’s Entrepreneurial Services Practice Group, Tonkon Torp attorneys presented at, or attended, five TiE Bootcamps in May. Tonkon Torp hosted a Bootcamp on May 3, at which Lindsay Reynolds provided an overview on hiring independent contractors versus employees and Eric Beach spoke on developing intellectual property strategies. On May 10, Leon Simson presented on general business issues relevant to startups and entrepreneurs at a Bootcamp held at CENTRL Pearl. On May 17 Tonkon Torp hosted a second Bootcamp, attended by Adam Adkin and on May 21 Colin Geiger presented on independent contractors versus employees. Lastly, at a May 30 Bootcamp, Eric Beach gave a second presentation on IP issues for startups. TiE Oregon is the local chapter of a global entrepreneurial organization that seeks to further the success of innovation driven enterprise.

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