Rocky Dallum Briefs Northwest Agriculture Community on 2022 Legal, Legislative Landscape

On July 14, Tonkon Torp partner Rocky Dallum was a featured speaker at the Agriculture Law Seminar leading a session called, “The Policies, Politics and People Influencing Agricultural law in 2022.” The event was coordinated by The Seminar Group.

Rocky summarized the outcomes from the 2022 Legislative Session, which resulted in a dynamic policy and legal landscape involving issues ranging from labor, water law, land use, CAFOs, wildlife, pesticide and biotech, and other ancillary issues that impact agriculture. He also looked at budget considerations and some of the key federal issues that could impact Northwest agriculture. Turning to the road ahead, Rocky introduced the rising and departing leaders in legislative and agency roles, and how they could influence activity in upcoming sessions and elections.

Rocky is a partner in Tonkon Torp’s Government Relations & Public Policy Practice Group. He provides strategic counsel to businesses, nonprofits, and trade associations on public policy issues and advocates on their behalf within the state executive and legislative branches.

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