Jeff Cronn Shares M&A Expertise with Portland Business Journal

Tonkon Torp partner Jeff Cronn was interviewed about trending activity and issues in the M&A world by Portland Business Journal Editor Suzanne Stevens. The interview appears in the Special Report: Deals of the Year feature in the publication’s February 17 issue.

Speaking about how the pandemic, inflation concern, and current global events have impacted and transcended dealmaking Jeff observed that, “there’s the M&A world and then there’s the real world. They’re aligned but they’re not the same.” He noted that while there was a halt to activity in the first half of 2021 at the outset of COVID-19, the market rebounded by the end of 2021 and activity has remained steady if cautious. The continued use of technology that dealmakers relied upon in the height of the pandemic has also helped to smooth the transaction process between far-flung parties.

Looking ahead into 2023, Jeff shared insight into how more expensive debt funding could reshape the structure of deals, and which industries are primed for close attention by investors looking for results rather than growth. He also gave his thoughts about what powers Oregon’s healthy M&A environment, pointing out that “we’re not a public company center, we’re a family business and private capital center.”

Subscribers to the Portland Business Journal can read or listen to Jeff’s interview at their website.