Business Immigration Webinar Looks at the Impact of COVID-19 and Trump

On September 10, Tonkon Torp’s Immigration Practice Group launched a recurring webinar series to help businesses navigate and preview changes affecting business immigration.

Attorneys Melina LaMorticella, Alan Perkins, and Melany Savitt hosted the first session, which explored how COVID-19 and recent Trump proclamations have impacted business immigration. They shared insight on restrictions for immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants and procedures to request a national interest exemption to travel bans. They also reviewed the Department of Homeland Security's temporary policy for Form I-9 remote verification and addressed how to ensure worksite compliance for H-1B employees working remotely.

Wrapping up with a roundup of other immigration issues, they shared information about the status of USCIS employee furloughs, extensions delays, and the imminent government filing fee increase.

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