Blerina Kotori Talks Workplace Enforcement of Masks, Health Checks, and Contact Tracing

Tonkon Torp’s Labor & Employment Practice Group continued its coffee break webinar series with a June 24 program featuring partner Blerina Kotori, focused on questions about the workplace enforcement of masks, health checks, and contact tracing.

A recording of the webinar is available online. Webinar viewers are encouraged to follow up directly to ask questions not addressed during the program.

In her presentation, Blerina broke down the current mask requirements for the categories of business noted in Governor Brown’s order and outlined best practices for business types not specified in the order. She also detailed what constitutes a covering and reviewed masking requirements, recommendations, and exceptions. Blerina noted that employee training is important to accommodate individuals who fall within protected classes while also following ADA privacy laws.

After reviewing the actions employers can and can’t take in health screening employees or job candidates, Blerina provided tips on how to accommodate high-risk and disabled individuals while avoiding inadvertent requests for protected information. COVID-19 screening may look different from one business to another, but the key principles of EEOC guidance remain the same; screening must: apply equally to all employees and visitors, be narrowly tailored to COVID-19, be consistent with CDC and other health authority guidance, and not discriminate.

The presentation wrapped with a review of the current processes for initiating and completing contact tracing and workplace cleaning should an employee become exposed to COVID-19.

For more information to assist your company during the coronavirus pandemic, contact the attorney you regularly consult. 

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