New Requirement for Noncompetition Agreements in Oregon

The Oregon legislature has added a new requirement for employers to enforce noncompetition agreements against their employees.
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Green Infrastructure: Is There an App for That?

Portland is a leader in managing stormwater runoff with green infrastructure. Nearly 20 years ago, the City began a serious effort to adopt green infrastructure – such as pervious surfaces, bioswales, vegetated infiltration galleries, and other…
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Tonkon Talks - How to Achieve "Second Date" Success

Our June Tonkon Talk covers what happens once your startup gets past its initial screening meeting with an investor. What questions might investors ask? What talking points should you include in your answers? What diligence materials do you need to…
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Eric Beach and Parna Mehrbani Discuss California Privacy Act for Portland Business Journal

The Portland Business Journal has published an editorial by Eric Beach and Parna Mehrbani on why Oregon companies should care about the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).
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