Vulnerable Person Abuse Protections Coming to FINRA in 2018

Similar to the Oregon legislature's recent changes to ORS Chapter 59, intended to protect "vulnerable persons" against financial exploitation, FINRA has implemented changes to its rules effective February 5, 2018, intended to protect "specified adult…
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Big Changes to 1031 Exchanges, But Not for Real Estate (Yet)

Section 1031 of the tax code allows sellers of investment property to defer capital gains if the proceeds are reinvested in "like kind" property within certain timeframes. Prior to 2018, 1031 exchanges could be used for many kinds of property…
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Tonkon Talks - Oregon Benefit Companies - Greenwashing or a Real Change?

Join us for a discussion of becoming and operating as an Oregon Benefit Company, including corporate, tax and community consequences. Business attorneys Jeff Cronn and Adam Adkin will discuss the Oregon statute, local practice, and national trends.
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Tonkon Talk Covers the State of Bioscience in Oregon

At the February 7 Tonkon Talk, the firm’s Entrepreneurial Services Practice Group hosted special guests Jennifer Fox and Denise McCarty for a discussion on the state of bioscience and digital health in Oregon.
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