When our clients’ businesses intersect with the complexities of water law, we’re here to help. We commonly work with large- and small-scale agricultural operations, hydroelectric power producers, commercial and residential developers, mining operations and recreational businesses.

While water disputes are an age-old legal concern, challenges like declining groundwater levels and climate change predictions are giving rise to new areas of legal need. Our industry experts keep a close eye on recent legal, regulatory and scientific developments to keep our clients well informed.

To support our clients, we offer services including:
  • Purchase, sale, lease or donation of water rights
  • Analysis of water rights, due diligence, title searches, water rights audits (e.g., purchase and sale, asset valuation, secured financing structures and estate planning)
  • Change or modification of water rights
  • Mitigation plans and water exchanges
  • Easements and other water access issues
  • Advisory opinions for new water-dependent or water-related businesses
  • Water project development financing
  • Waterway ownership disputes
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Representation in state and federal legislative matters
Janet  Neuman

Janet Neuman

Senior Counsel