Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. offers girls exposure to STEM, leadership and – most importantly – to other young girls.

— Kristin Bremer Moore

Tonkon Torp is proud to be an active supporter of Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest. The firm has championed Girls Inc. for a decade, supporting the nonprofit organization in its mission to offer programs and mentorships that support girls in taking risks and mastering physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges.

The firm first supported the organization by sponsoring its 2009 Power of the Purse event. Tonkon Torp has had a partner serving on the Girls Inc. Board of Directors ever since then and continues to participate in the Power of the Purse event on an annual basis. Immigration attorney Turid Owren served on the board from 2012 to 2018, and Kristin Bremer Moore, Chair of Tonkon Torp’s Labor & Employment Practice Group, joined the board in 2018.

Tonkon Torp whole-heartedly supports the Girls Inc. vision of creating an equitable society and inspiring strong, smart, and bold girls. Programs expose girls aged 6-18 to STEM, leadership, and other young girls to help them all develop the strength and courage to set and attain goals. The resulting self-confidence and pride will serve them well as they grow into empowered, economically-independent women who are not afraid to use their voices.

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