There’s a New Domain Name in Town: DotAsia

DotAsia = [yourTM].asia

The DotAsia community covers 73 countries in the Asia/Pacific region, including China, Japan, Australia, Philippines, India, Israel, Turkey.

“First come, first served” registration for these domain names begins in March 2008.

The Sunrise Period, where trademark owners can get the domains for their registered trademarks in advance, is going on now.

To qualify, you do not have to be located in the DotAsia community, but at least one of the contacts for the domain name must be.

  • Contacts include: Registrant, Admin, Technical or Billing
  • This means you can use a local hosting company for the technical contact (usually the company you use to register the domain) to qualify.
  • Domains sought by multiple qualified parties will be auctioned among the qualified bidder.
  • Sunrise Period 2A runs until October 30, 2007.
    • Sunrise Period 2A is for registered TMs for which the application was filed before March 16, 2004.
    • The registration does not have to be in the DotAsia Community; it can be almost anywhere in the world.
  • Sunrise Period 2B, 2C and 3 run November 13, 2007 through January 15, 2008.
    • 2B: Registered TMs with application filed before December 6, 2006
    • 2C: Registered TM plus a geographic designation or generic term from WIPO’s Nice Classifications (e.g., or
    • 3: Company names registered (e.g., incorporated) within the DotAsia community

Please contact any Tonkon Torp intellectual property attorney for more information on how to apply for your new DotAsia domain name.

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