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Water Law Expert Janet Neuman Keynotes Water Law Symposium

October 4, 2011

Lewis & Clark Law School is hosting a 21st Century Water Law Symposium on October 7 in honor of Tonkon Torp attorney Janet Neuman and Professor Jim Huffman, both recently retired from the law school faculty.  Neuman and Huffman will present the keynote address at the all-day event. 


Neuman is considered one of the foremost water policy experts in the Pacific Northwest.  She works with attorneys in Tonkon Torp's Water Law Practice Group who handle water rights transactions, water project development, permitting and litigation of water rights disputes for both government entities and private sector clients.  Neuman is a former professor and Associate Dean of Faculty at Lewis & Clark Law School and co-directed the Natural Resources Law Institute. 


A frequent speaker and writer on water law and policy, Neuman has just authored a new book, Oregon Water Law: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Law of Water and Water Rights in Oregon.  She is past president of the Oregon Water Trust and a former member of the State Board of Forestry.  Neuman was appointed by President Clinton to the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission, which in 1998 released recommendations on the future role of the federal government in western water management.  She currently serves on the board of The Freshwater Trust. 


The October 7 symposium will feature presentations on topics as diverse as the convergence of Eastern and Western water law, water rights and changing ecological conditions, takings and riparian water rights, watershed governance and coastal zone management, climate change and water law, and the Oregon public trust doctrine.