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Tonkon Torp water law expert to address Portland City Club

December 2, 2010

Janet Neuman, senior counsel on water law at Tonkon Torp, will speak at the Portland City Club on Friday, December 3 at 12:15 p.m. on "The Politics of Water."


Neuman will address the most pressing water issues affecting the region, including the disconnection between land use planning and water management; Oregon's baby steps toward state water planning (one of only two Western states without a water plan); legal issues affecting Portland's drinking water supplies; and how climate change will disrupt Oregon's existing water regime.


Neuman is a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School and former director of the Oregon Department of State Lands.  As part of Tonkon Torp's Water Law Practice Group, she and her colleagues represent individuals, businesses and governments in a myriad of water law-related matters.