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Tonkon Torp Purchases Renewable Energy Certificates

March 31, 2011

In its continued commitment to create and demonstrate sustainability and social responsibility values in its law practice, Tonkon Torp has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates known as "green tags" to offset its 2011 carbon emissions from electricity use. 


With green tags to offset 100% of its electrical energy use, Tonkon Torp is now eligible to participate in the Law Office Climate Challenge, a joint effort between the American Bar Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and to become a member of EPA's Green Power Leadership Club.  Both programs encourage the development and use of renewable energy sources.  Tonkon Torp occupies approximately 63,000 square feet of office space in downtown Portland's Pioneer Tower.


The firm also purchased carbon offsets for its business travel.


In 2007, Tonkon Torp formed a Sustainability Practice Group made up of 12 attorneys who focus on issues ranging from renewable energy, real estate and environmental law to corporate finance and governance, intellectual property and lobbying.  Max M. Miller, Jr., co-chair of the practice group, also chairs Tonkon Torp's 12-year-old internal committee that develops and monitors sustainable business practices within the firm.  Tonkon Torp has been a leading law firm in adopting sustainable business practices.  Last fall, Miller was honored with a Sustainable Leadership award by the Oregon State Bar for his volunteer leadership in moving the legal profession to embrace sustainability as a goal.  


"Sustainability practices and policies are a core value at Tonkon Torp, reflecting the commitment of our attorneys and staff as well as informing our work on behalf of clients," said Michael Morgan, managing partner.