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Tonkon Torp Immigration Practice Group Prepares Employers for H-1B Cap Season

March 8, 2017
On February 15, Tonkon Torp's Immigration practice group held a breakfast briefing to help employers prepare for the April 2017 H-1B Cap season and to discuss how the Trump Administration could impact the program going forward. Attorneys Turid Owren, Melina LaMorticella, Alan Perkins, and Melany Savitt participated in the presentation.
The discussion included an overview of the H-1B program requirements and process mechanics. They provided practical tips on how to identify and hire H-1B Cap candidates, including requirements related to job offers, job descriptions, and documentation. They also discussed who qualifies as a Cap exempt employer and tricky scenarios that might arise during the competitive lottery season.

Tonkon Torp's Business Immigration practice group counsels businesses on the full suite of immigration options and compliance matters relating to employment of foreign national employees.