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Tonkon Torp Establishes CENTRL Office Location

June 26, 2015
Tonkon Torp has established an office at CENTRL Office, the new collaborative workspace on NW 14th and Everett in the Pearl District. The firm joins a mix of CENTRL Office tenants including PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment), the Oregon Angel Fund, Rogue Ventures, and several operating or aspiring start-up companies.

“This is a great opportunity to be in daily touch with investors and owners of companies representing the fastest growing sector of the Oregon business economy,” says Leon Simson. “Tonkon Torp has a strong track record of helping Oregon’s start-up community with the very important foundational and financing pieces needed to establish and operate a successful business. With our location in CENTRL Office, it is easy and efficient for busy entrepreneurs to access our expertise and experience.”

Members of Tonkon Torp’s Entrepreneurial Services practice group and other lawyers from the firm are available in the CENTRL Office location. The firm is participating in some formal and informal events at the location, and plans to host a series of monthly talks on various aspects of launching and growing a business.

Tonkon Torp’s Entrepreneurial Services practice group works with start-up and fast-growing businesses to help entrepreneurs lay a financial and structural foundation for growth. The group also advises seed, angel, venture, and other investment firms in all aspects of investing.