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Tonkon Torp Attorneys Offer Intellectual Property Tips to Entrepreneurs

November 21, 2011
Attorneys from Tonkon Torp's Intellectual Property practice group have created a primer to help entrepreneurs avoid potential IP liability issues.

On December 1, the group will present a 90-minute program titled, "Intellectual Property Tool Kit for Start-Ups: Practical Advice for Avoiding Some of the Biggest IP Mistakes New Businesses Make." Presentations will cover branding, trade secret protection, financing and investor disclosure issues, idea submission and restrictions on the use of internet materials.

"Starting a new business is exhilarating but also fraught with potential intellectual property problems, some of which entrepreneurs may not even be aware of. Our goal is to give attendees a roadmap to understand and address potential IP liability problems when starting a business," said David Aman, who chairs the Tonkon Torp Intellectual Property practice group.

Speakers at the event, held in the Tonkon Torp offices, include Vicki Ballou, who specializes in intellectual property licensing; Chris Erickson, trademarks and branding issues; Ari Okano, intellectual property; and litigators Jon Stride and Steven Wilker, who handle a variety of commercial and IP-related matters.