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Tonkon Bike Challenge Announces September Winners

October 16, 2013
Despite the wettest September on record in Portland, 16 Tonkon Torp lawyers and employees braved the elements to make 162.5 round-trip commutes to and from work last month, for a total of 1,288 miles. The effort was part of a city-wide Bike Commute Challenge put on by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Tonkon Torp is an annual (and proud!) sponsor of the Bike Commute Challenge, which is held every September in Portland.

With the firm providing encouragement to bike commuters (in the form of gift cards to bike shops of their choice), these individuals earned the grand prizes for their September riding:
  • Most miles: Leslie Sunseri (180). Brian Puckett came in second with 167 miles ridden.
  • Longest commute: Sandra Grover (17.5 miles)
  • Most commutes: Mark Bowden, John McIntyre and Brian Puckett tied with 19 commutes each. David Forman and Duncan Delano commuted 100% of their work days in September.
Other Tonkon Torp riders included Tim Conway, Chris Erickson, Kira Farmer, Anita Crowther, Gayle Griffin, Marti McCausland, James Hein, Caroline Harris Crowne and Kim Stafford.
Beaming like a braggadocious parent, Captain Delano said, of his pedalers' prowess, "We had more riders than last year and, don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure we won the BTA's lawyer league in the Challenge. Boom."

So, it looks like Bike Commute Challenge was a smashing (and soggy) success!