Steven Wilker's First Amendment Practice Featured in PBJ

October 26, 2016
Steven Wilker was featured in a Portland Business Journal article on niche litigation practices – Steven discusses his First Amendment work:.

The niche: First Amendment cases

What it is: “Part of my litigation practice involves representing news organizations in matters arising from the gathering or publication of news stories.

An example: “The work involves advising reporters, editors and producers about what kinds of things reporters can do lawfully to gather the news; reviewing scripts or drafts of stories prior to broadcast or publication to determine whether the report is potentially defamatory and, if so, whether the report is sufficiently sourced and accurate to warrant publication; reviewing and responding to demands for retractions or corrections, and defending the broadcaster or publisher in the event of a lawsuit. I have also assisted our broadcaster client in seeking media access to allow cameras at court proceedings. And I worked with both our media and nonmedia clients in pursuing requests for public records.”

Read the full article here.