Steven Wilker and ACLU Argue for Records in Oregon Court of Appeals

August 15, 2013
Tonkon Torp litigation attorney Steven Wilker was repeatedly quoted in a recent Associated Press article published in the Register Guard. The article, "Oregon ACLU Seeks Records in Eugene Stun Gun Case," features Steven in his capacity as an attorney for the ACLU of Oregon. Steven argued before the Oregon Court of Appeals that internal records used by a civilian review board to judge the actions of a Eugene police officer should be made public. The case dates to 2008, when a police officer twice used a stun gun on protester Ian Van Ornum, who was lying on the ground at an anti-pesticide rally in Eugene. Click here to read the full article.

Steven Wilker is a member of the ACLU of Oregon board of directors and is also heavily involved with the ACLU Foundation of Oregon.