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Revisions and Amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act

February 12, 2008
The Department of Labor has released proposed revisions to the Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") regulations. These changes would substantially alter many FMLA procedures if they are adopted. Employers and employees have until April 11, 2008, to comment on the proposed regulations. To view the proposed regulations and to comment on them, go to and follow the directions. We will send a detailed summary of the changes closer to the comment deadline. If you need assistance with drafting comments, feel free to contact any of the attorneys in our Labor and Employment Group. In addition, two amendments to the FMLA were enacted on January 28, 2008. These amendments provide two new leave entitlements for eligible, specified family members. First, the amendments provide up to 12 weeks of leave for qualifying exigencies arising out of a covered family member's active military duty. Second, they also provide up to 26 weeks of leave in a single 12-month period to care for a covered service member who is recovering from a serious illness or injury. For a description of, or to make comments about, the new provisions, click: