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Palmer & Schmidt Discuss Private Offering Reforms, Including Crowdfunding

December 4, 2014
Tom Palmer and Drea Schmidt recently gave a presentation on 2013 reforms regarding private offerings, including crowdfunding, to audit and tax partners and managers at the accounting firm of Moss Adams LLP. The lawyers, members of Tonkon Torp’s Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Services practice groups, focused their remarks on the most effective and cost-efficient new ways for entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise capital. 
Crowdfunding is a relatively new term for raising capital for a company or a business idea by obtaining funds from a wide group of people, usually using the Internet. New rules permitting advertising in conjunction with traditional private placements also offer an additional avenue for companies to reach potential investors. Because crowdfunding and private placement offerings often involve the sale of securities, it is important to know the rules in order to avoid running afoul of securities laws.
Tonkon Torp’s Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Services attorneys help entrepreneurs and small businesses lay a financial and structural foundation for success, providing advice on issues ranging from entity formation and governance to capital raising, intellectual property protection, tax and regulatory compliance.