The foundation of our business is long-term relationships with clients based on trust. Our clients tell us that there is a "Tonkon Experience" that is distinctive. It is an experience characterized by clients trusting that our lawyers will consistently follow certain principles and practices:

  • We will put our clients' interests first.
  • We will treat you and others with respect.
  • We will provide concise and useful advice.
  • We will effectively represent you and will not try to sell you a service that we cannot perform to our high standards.
  • We will candidly discuss our fees with you and be willing to structure fee arrangements that are mutually beneficial.
  • We will remember that our job, while fascinating to us, has little value to you other than promoting your business and financial interests.

Client relationships that are built on these principles are intellectually and emotionally rewarding – fun actually. They are also the most cost-effective because they eliminate pretense, and useless or defensive activity. These core principles and practices characterize the unique Tonkon Experience that you will find at our firm.