Is it the Beginning of the End of the Estate Tax?

March 31, 2017
Shouka Rezvani had an article published in the "Estate & Charitable Planning" insert of the Portland Business Journal's March 17 issue. In "Is it the Beginning of the End of the Estate Tax?" Shouka explains the current history and mechanics of the estate tax, as well as the Trump administration's proposed repeal of the tax.

The estate tax is one of the oldest taxes in the United States, enacted in 1797 and then repealed and re-instituted over the years as economic needs arose. Its opponents call it the "Death Tax" while proponents tout it as an "Anti-Dynasty Tax," which affects only the truly rich. President Trump has proposed repealing the estate tax and imposing a capittal gains tax on assets ieft to heirs above $10 million.

Shouka is a member of Tonkon Torp Estate Planning group and chairs Tonkon's Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Entities practice group. You can download the pdf below to read her article in full