H-1B Temporary Worker Shortage Looms

April 8, 2005
As of April 1, employers became eligible to file H-1B Petitions for foreign nationals not already employed pursuant to H-1B status, for the USCIS 2006 fiscal year with a start date of October 1, 2005. Based on past demand, and the early depletion of numbers in the 2005 fiscal year, there is a chance the numbers will be exhausted soon. Tonknon Torp will work diligently to prepare and file H-1B petitions for new employment; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of H-1B visa numbers.

This NewsAlert does apply to persons currently employed pursuant to H-1B status in an exempt status but seeking to be employed by a non-exempt employer[i.e., an employee of a higher education institution (exempt), seeking new employment in the private sector (non-exempt)].