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Gwen Griffith Addresses OASOTN

July 7, 2015
Tax attorney Gwendolyn Griffith, the director of the pro bono "CLiF Project" at Tonkon Torp, gave a workshop at the annual Oregon Adolescent Sex Offending Treatment Network (OASOTN) conference regarding relief from registration for juveniles. Her presentation reviewed existing laws and processes, along with developments from the 2015 legislative session.

With the participation of both Tonkon Torp lawyers and other lawyers from around the state, the CLiF Project helps deserving young people adjudicated as juveniles for sex crimes to seek relief from sex offender registration. The CLiF Project partners with Youth, Rights & Justice, the premiere juvenile rights nonprofit law firm in the region, in offering this assistance.

The Oregon Adolescent Sex Offending Treatment Network is dedicated to the effective management and treatment of sexual offending youth to promote individual, family, and community safety and wellness.