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Oregon State Parks Foundation

While serving on the Oregon State Parks Commission, Tonkon Torp founding partner Brian Booth identified an acute need for dedicated resources to preserve and enhance Oregon's natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreation sites for present and future generations. Brian played a key role in the 1995 establishment of the Oregon State Parks Foundation (formerly the Oregon State Parks Trust), which raises funds and builds partnerships to restore and create new facilities and sites in the Oregon state park system.

Tonkon Torp has had a continuous presence on the board of trustees since the Foundation was established. Following Brian's tenure, attorneys Dan Skerritt, Ted Herzog, Jon Stride, and Ryan Bledsoe have served and held leadership positions on the board. The firm also provides office space to the Foundation.

"As a native Oregonian, I see the value of what Oregon parks can do to enrich our lives," says Jon Stride. "The Foundation fills in support for projects where state dollars don't stretch far enough to restore an iconic park landmark, such as Crown Point, or to develop a new historic and cultural site, such as the Fort Yamhill Historic Area."

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