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TASER International: An Electrifying IPO

The TASER name has become synonymous with non-lethal self-defense devices. The first TASER was born out of two brothers' concern over increasing violence after two friends were murdered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since its inception little more than ten years ago, TASER's products have revolutionized law enforcement and may revolutionize personal safety.

In May 2001, TASER decided the time was right for an initial public offering and called on Tonkon Torp to assist. Since it began trading on NASDAQ, the company's success has continued with several stock splits and further developments in non-lethal law enforcement technology. In fact, TASER turned in the best one-year and three-year stock performances in The Wall Street Journal's 2005 Shareholder Scoreboard. Tonkon Torp helps companies with great ideas put together financing solutions to help them grow.

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