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Nike, Inc.: Giving a Marketing Legend its Wings

From selling imported shoes from the back of a car at track meets to becoming the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of athletic footwear and accessories, Nike's 30 year legacy has been one of innovation, optimism and savvy business sense. From Nike's initial public offering in 1980 to the present, Tonkon Torp has worked with Nike on corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions worth hundreds of millions of dollars to help finance and build the Nike brand stable.

In recent years, Nike called on Tonkon Torp attorneys for some of its most notable brand acquisitions, including Converse, Official Starter, Cole Haan and CanStar. Tonkon Torp attorneys bring a combination of savvy business acumen and Portland attitude to complex financing and M&A deals, for the benefit of Nike and other clients, large and small.

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