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M Financial: A Unique Financial Services Company

M Financial Group is one of the nation's premier financial services distribution companies serving ultra-affluent individuals and Fortune 1000 companies. Unique in its approach, M Financial Group is owned by a nationwide network of independent member firms that have come together to share ideas and expertise while supporting each other's growth.

This consortium grew from 18 member firms in 1978 generating $3 million in premiums, to more than 100 member firms generating nearly $1 billion in premiums today. M Financial Group assists firms in the development and marketing of life/disability insurance and investment solutions. As part of M, member firms gain access to proprietary insurance products and buying power that help them enhance the services they offer to clients.

When M Financial Group outgrew its original corporate structure in the mid-1990s, it called on Tonkon Torp to assist the company in a major reorganization and recapitalization. M Financial Group continues to turn to Tonkon Torp for legal advice, consulting our attorneys on a broad spectrum of business, corporate finance, regulatory, tax and securities issues.

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