Five Jaw-Dropping Reasons to Read "Ear to the Ground"

Real Estate and Land Use, Water Law, Environmental

1/17/2017 by Janet Neuman, David J. Petersen, Jeanette Schuster, Michael Mangan

Five Jaw-Dropping Reasons to Read
Despite that headline, it's not clickbait.

ONE. We are attorneys at Tonkon Torp LLP, a full service business law firm in Portland, Oregon. We have our ears to the ground as to what is going on in the real estate development community in the Pacific Northwest. It is our goal to share what we know and learn with you.

TWO. Our legal careers are diverse, so we can cover a lot of ground. David Petersen chairs the firm's Real Estate & Land Use Practice Group. He has a nose for interesting projects and legal developments that you'll want to know about if you're going to stay on top of the development game. Jeanette Schuster chairs the firm's Environmental & Natural Resources Practice Group. She is always watching for hot topics and trends to help readers keep one step ahead. Jan Neuman is a former law professor and director of the Oregon Department of State Lands. Her ear is attuned to conversations about development issues that relate to water, climate change and rural lands. Michael Mangan is a former appraiser who tracks valuation and tax issues as they impact development and growth in our region.

THREE. We don't write like lawyers. This is not a law blog for lawyers! This is a place for people in the development community, lawyer and non-lawyer alike. Tune in to hear about what's going on and what's new. It's a place to learn useful information in a fun and easy-to-read way, often presented with an interesting spin.

FOUR. But we are lawyers too. If you work in the development community or just follow along, and you have questions or problems, we offer a great resource. We've seen a lot and we see more each day, and chances are someone here has the answer or the solution.

FIVE. It is our goal to make this blog informative and fun. If you find yourself returning to read it from time to time, thinking it's not another boring law blog, then we will have succeeded. If you're reading this, you've already found us. We hope you will return!

Best wishes,
Dave, Jeanette, Jan, and Michael