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ACLU of Oregon Honors 5 Tonkon Torp Attorneys

March 4, 2014
Five Tonkon Torp lawyers were honored last weekend at the annual Liberty Dinner, a benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon (ACLU).
Steven Wilker, Owen Blank, Paul Conable, Gwen Griffith and James Hein were recognized for their volunteer work as ACLU cooperating attorneys during 2013. In addition to handling cases for the ACLU of Oregon, Steven chairs, and Owen is a long time member of, the ACLU Lawyers Committee, which decides what cases the ACLU pursues here.
The ACLU of Oregon says virtually all of its legal work is handled by cooperating attorneys who assist with legal research, advocacy and litigation. In honoring the five Tonkon Torp lawyers and others from around the state, the organization noted, “The talent and commitment to the principles of freedom and equality that these attorneys and their law firms provide is immeasurable to defending and advancing civil liberties in Oregon.”